Second Phase Technologies was formed in 2016.


Second Phase Capital is a registered investment advisor providing managed account services through financial advisors and to high net worth individuals. It provides access to our technology for US investors.

Fieldhouse Capital

In partnership with Fieldhouse Capital Management In Vancouver, Canada, Second Phase Capital now offers Canadian investors the opportunity to participate in its unique strategies via Fieldhouse Pro Funds Inc.

About Us

Second Phase Technologies
Quantifying patterns of growth and decay in equity markets

Our models seek to quantify market behavior and harvest the return generated by market momentum that accompanies specific market states. This hybrid-approach borrows from various traditional quantitative techniques. However, our technique goes further by introducing additional invaluable inputs. Drawing inspiration from behavioral psychology, we can now quantify what used to be subjective. Our self-adjusting momentum models capture and react to this previously un-quantified aspect of markets: Collective psychology.

When smart technology and intelligently built algorithms are present in the investment decision making process we can be active and participate while also minimizing the chances of succumbing to human emotional decision making errors.

  • Quantifying market Behavior
  • a Hybrid approach
  • self adjusting momentum
  • collective psychology


The core team behind Second Phase Technologies has broad experience in applying cutting edge technology in the financial markets as Traders, Research Analysts and Portfolio Managers. They possess both qualitative and quantitative skill-sets and thus carry a deeper and more rounded understanding of how tools and technologies are utilized in decision making and execution in live markets. At the core of their values lies the use of technology for operational efficiency, unbiased decision-making and risk management.


Eric has extensive experience working with both market-generated and unstructured time-series data sources. Eric combines domain experience and insights from various disciplines, including Equity Research, Proprietary Trading, Direct Markets Access (DMA), Finance 2.0, and Automated Trading. Eric has spoken at numerous regional and international Finance and Fin-Tech industry venues, including the Geneva-based International Economic Forum, Markets Media Trading Innovation Summits, and the Market Technician’s Association. Eric holds the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation and is a member of the Market Technician’s association. Eric also holds the Series 65 Securities License.


Andrew is Second Phase Capital’s CTO. In this role he is responsible for managing the cloud based infrastructure and for building and maintaining the code utilized by the proprietary trading models. Andrew brings over 30 years of financial market experience to Second Phase. During his career he has advised and built models for some of the largest hedge funds and investment banks, both in the US and Europe. His expertise crosses many asset classes with a particular focus on equity models, government fixed income and interest rate options. He has been published in Risk magazine.


Dan is an experienced professional in financial services, technology and trading, with significant knowledge in the formulation, development and testing of trading strategies. Dan is part of the investment team and is responsible for portfolio monitoring, risk oversight and performance reporting of client accounts. He is based in the UK and is a CF30 registered advisor with the UK Financial Conduct Authority, as well as a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst and a Chartered Market Technician. He holds a Series 65 license and also acts as the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer.

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